Leslie and her Master Plan for San Quintín Bay Visit Sasaki and GeoAdaptive in Boston

September 24, 2019

Leslie Ponce de León
Landscape Architect / ProEsteros
San Quintín Bay, Mexico

During the last few months, Leslie has focused in the development of the Master Plan for the San Quintín Bay, looking to regulate activities that are altering valuable shorebird habitats and mitigate the adverse effects of climate change. In this period, she has received feedback and compiled relevant information from academic parties, non-profit organizations and government agencies. In July she had the opportunity to visit Sasaki, an international planning and design firm based in Boston that executes large-scale projects with a sustainability approach. Here she reviewed similar projects analogous to the Master Plan for the San Quintín Bay. Additionally, she met with members of GeoAdaptive, global experts on planning and strategies for sustainable development, who gave her recommendations for her project and supplied very valuable information. Back in Baja California, Leslie met with specialists from Terra Peninsular, a regional NGO that implements a successful conservation initiative in the area, and with residents of San Quintín, who exposed the key problems of the region and shared valuable knowledge about the bay.

Coastal Solutions Fellowship Program

The Coastal Solutions Fellows Program builds and supports an international community to design and implement solutions that address coastal challenges across the Pacific Americas Flyway. Our main goal is to conserve coastal habitats and shorebird populations by building the knowledge, resources, and skills of Latin American professionals, and by fostering collaborations among multiple disciplines and sectors.