• Pacific Americas Shorebird Conservation Strategy

    The Pacific Americas Flyway— a network of breeding and wintering sites for migratory shorebirds— spans multiple biomes and ecosystems within 14 countries. Migratory shorebirds using the flyway are experiencing dramatic population declines due to anthropogenic pressure and changing climatic conditions….

  • Landscape Performance Series

    Landscape performance can be defined as a measure of the effectiveness with which landscape solutions fulfill their intended purpose and contribute to sustainability. No matter how sustainability is defined – zero carbon, net zero water, biodiversity, quality of life –…

  • Scaling-up Nature-based Solutions in Latin America

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    We invite the Cornell community to participate in this special seminar to bring together Cornell faculty, scientists and students, international fellows, experts from Latin America, and finance specialists to find joint solutions for challenges on climate change, biodiversity conservation,…

  • Poster session Scaling-up Nature-based Solutions in Latin America

    We present the posters developed by our Coastal Solutions Fellows to summarise some of the amazing work they have been doing throughout the Pacific Coast of Latin America to create coastal resiliency and protect shorebird habitat across the Pacific Flyway. These posters were presented during our Special Event “Scaling up Nature Based Solutions in Latin America” held at the Willard Straight Hall, Ithaca, NY, on Thursday 23rd February, 2023 alongside Adaptation Latin America and the Interamerican Bank of Development.

Senner, S. E., B. A. Andres and H. R. Gates (Eds.). 2016. Pacific Americas shorebird conservation strategy. National Audubon Society, New York, New York, USA. Available at: