Seminars, News and Events

  • Monitoring Nesting Shorebirds on Shrimp farms Informs Conservation in Mexico

    Article written by 2021 Fellow Juanita Fonseca Parra, published by Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network about the important role that shrimp farms play in shorebird reproduction off the coast of Sinaloa, Mexico.

  • Coastal Solutions Program Fellow Selected as an Environment for the Americas Ambassador for World Migratory Bird Day

    Socia Media – 2020 Fellow, Varinia Sagastume is selected as one of Environment for the Americas’ ambassadors and receive valuable educational materials to spread the #WaterVitalForBirds theme and motivate educational efforts in her country, Guatemala.

  • Bird Festival in Coihuín y Chamiza!

    Article by the Bird and Wildlife Watchers Network – ROC, about the Coihuín and Chamiza bird festival, seeking to highlight the importance of this site for thousands of migratory and resident waterfowl and shorebirds of southern Chile. Organized by 2022 fellow Gabriela Contreras, together with the ROC.

  • Coastal Solutions Fellow nominated to the GEMAS Environmental Awards in Honduras

    2022 Fellow Onil Rodriguez was nominated for the GEMAS Environmental Award in Honduras, under the category of Environmental Education and Research with his Coastal Solutions project “Habitat conservation initiatives in the shorebird reserve Punta Condega-Jicarito system: safe sites for shorebirds in Honduras – Tegucigalpa – Francisco Morazan”.

  • Successful day of Illustration, Dissemination and Communication of Conservation Sciences

    Article from the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity about this event of the ‘Segunda Jornada de Ilustración, Divulgación y Comunicación de las Ciencias de la Conservación’, organized by the Conservation and Human Wellbeing Laboratory, in conjunction with the IEB, CiiCC-UST, Universidad Santo Tomás, SECOS Millennium Institute and UPWELL Millennium Nucleus. This event included the participation of several Coastal Solutions Program fellows from different cohorts, including Manuela Erazo, 2020 fellow; Juan Andrés Silva, 2022 fellow; and María Valladares, 2023 fellow.

  • “Egg size variation in the context of polyandry: a case study using long-term field data from snowy plovers”.

    Scientific article – Medardo Cruz López, 2020 fellow, co-author to this important long-term study, using 15 years of field-data, to understand more about the reproductive patterns of the snowy plover in Mexico.

  • “10 things we learnt from Day 1 of Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week?”

    Race to Resilience article about the Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week (LAC CW) setting the stage for COP28 during a week of lively discussions and collaborative efforts to accelerate Latin America towards a resilient, nature-positive, net-zero emissions future. Johann Delgado, 2019 fellow, and a member of the Climate Champions Team, delivered one of the key messages of the first day.

  • “The first meeting for the wetlands of the Coquimbo region was held with a great call”.

    Article published by El Coquimbano Newspaper about the ‘First Meeting for the Wetlands of the Coquimbo Region’, organized by 2023 fellow María Valladares Antón, together with several regional collaborators to highlight the importance of wetlands for their ecological and well-being benefits.

  • XII South American Bird Fair, Mindo, Ecuador

    Article from Fundación Conservación Marina’s, about their participation, last October, 2023, in the XII South American Bird Fair. A meeting where birdwatchers have a space for exchange, sharing field trips, talks, symposiums, workshops and stands with birding tourism operators, enterprises and bird and nature conservation organizations. In this version, FCM participated with the 2023 fellow, Daniela Ruz, along with Maullín Aviturismo Expediciones.

  • ‘Ciencia para Todos’ PhD in Environment and Development – DMAyD 2023

    Podcast from the students of the PhD program in Environment and Development of the Institute of Oceanological Research, Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Marine Sciences, Autonomous University of Baja California, where the 2020 fellow, Laura Ibarra, presents her PhD project entitled “Shorebirds and wetlands of Baja California”, Episode 6.

  • Raise the River – Alianza Revive el Delta del Río Colorado

    Social Media – Video from Raise the River – Alianza Revive el Delta del Río Colorado about their collaboration with Lighthawk on the monitoring Colorado River Delta restoration projects, with our director Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta.

  • Video ‘Group Monte Mar and the beach clean-up days’

    From Chilean news channel TVN y Canal 24 Horas and their show“¿Cuál es tu huella?’ who embarked on a trip to the Los Lagos Region to immerse themselves in environmental care experiences with 2022 fellow Gabriela Contreras, on a cleanup day in the coastal area of Puerto Montt.

Coastal Solutions Fellowship Program

The Coastal Solutions Fellows Program builds and supports an international community to design and implement solutions that address coastal challenges across the Pacific Americas Flyway. Our main goal is to conserve coastal habitats and shorebird populations by building the knowledge, resources, and skills of Latin American professionals, and by fostering collaborations among multiple disciplines and sectors.