Archipelago in Chiloé Waits for World Shorebirds Day

September 20, 2019

Natalia Martínez
Ornitóloga / Universidad Austral de Chile
Archipiélago de Chiloe, Chile

During World Shorebirds Day, we find ourselves in Chiloé waiting for the return of the migratory Nearctic shorebirds. While they were reproducing in the Northern Hemisphere, the Coastal Solutions team, integrated by biologists, sociologists and engineers, worked with local communities, government agencies and private companies to begin the participatory development of the “Best Practice Guidelines for the Cultivation and Extraction of Pelillo”. Pelillo is a type of marine algae, primarily used to produce agar, that is grown and harvested in intertidal environments. Because of this, this year we wait for the shorebirds along with the pelillo harvesting community, to continue building collaborative strategies that will improve the livelihoods of everyone that depend on these intertidal environments.

Coastal Solutions Fellowship Program

The Coastal Solutions Fellows Program builds and supports an international community to design and implement solutions that address coastal challenges across the Pacific Americas Flyway. Our main goal is to conserve coastal habitats and shorebird populations by building the knowledge, resources, and skills of Latin American professionals, and by fostering collaborations among multiple disciplines and sectors.