Josh Donlan

Josh Donlan is the Founder and Director of Advanced Conservation Strategies (ACS). He leads the organization by building interdisciplinary teams to tackle problems in novel ways. ACS’s foundation is science, yet it works and collaborates outside of science to innovate and implement new solutions and ventures for environmental and sustainability challenges. ACS integrates behavioral economics, finance, human-centered design, markets, science, and technology for organizations trying to solve problems. Trained as a natural scientist, Josh has worked on a variety of environmental and social issues in over a dozen countries, including the management of invasive species, environmental restoration, environmental markets, and developing financial and incentive instruments for environmental conservation and poverty alleviation. Josh has held fellowships with the Fulbright Commission, Guggenheim Foundation, and the Copeland Fellowship in Global Sustainability at Amherst College. His efforts currently focus on innovation, environmental entrepreneurship, behavioral incentives, and human-centered design approaches to environmental problem solving.

Coastal Solutions Fellowship Program

The Coastal Solutions Fellows Program builds and supports an international community to design and implement solutions that address coastal challenges across the Pacific Americas Flyway. Our main goal is to conserve coastal habitats and shorebird populations by building the knowledge, resources, and skills of Latin American professionals, and by fostering collaborations among multiple disciplines and sectors.