Seminars, News and Events 

  • Researcher receives fellowship that will support biodiversity conservation and human well-being in Coquimbo Bay

    Article published by the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, Chile about 2023 Fellow María Valladares, a new member of the Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, whom after being awarded the Coastal Solutions Fellowship from Cornell University, will research and implement a project for the conservation of this coastal ecosystem and shorebirds, along with the development of indicators of well-being, which will be co-created with diverse stakeholders. 

  • Article: Marine Conservation Foundation to support one of Cornell University’s Coastal Solutions projects in 2023-2024

    Article published in the news section of the FCM website celebrating 2023 Fellow Daniela Ruz on her project “Sustainable Community-Based Tourism: Strategy for Shorebird Conservation in 3 sites in Southern Chile” with the goal of decreasing disturbances from inadequate tourism practices through strengthening and delivering theoretical-technical skills to a group of local tourism entrepreneurs for the conservation of priority areas for shorebirds in the wetlands of Maullín, Curaco de Vélez and Villa Quinchao in the Los Lagos region, southern Chile.

  • Video: Documentary “Conservation, memory and heritage in the wetland El Culebrón: earthquake and tsunami of 2015” –  Surgencia.

    In May 2023, the NGO Surgencia, which has 2023 Fellow María Valladares Antón as their president, launched the documentary “Conservation, memory and heritage in El Culebrón wetland: 2015 earthquake and tsunami” as a community connection project to remember the events and consequences of this serious incident, and learn valuable lessons for the future.

  • Article: Connecting the Aquaculture Industry with Shorebirds

    Article written by 2021 Fellow and WHSRN Aquaculture Specialist Juanita Fonseca about the Latin American and Caribbean Aquaculture Conference 2023 (LACQUA 2023). The main theme of this conference was the sustainability of aquaculture. The event included a trade show with exhibitors from around the world showcasing the latest in equipment, technology, supplies and services of all kinds for aquaculture companies and producers.  

  • Video: Voice of America, Panama “Mangroves: defense against natural disasters”.

    Video news article by ‘Voz de America’, Panama about the threats, biodiversity, value and importance of mangroves in Panama Bay, where 2021 Fellow Andreina Pernia is interviewed commenting on the development of a land-use plan for the shared use of these important spaces.

  • Video: Chiloé Actualiza  ‘Agreements signed for “Good Practices to Conserve Shorebirds in Algae Crops”’.

    Video news story from ‘Chiloé Actualiza’ about the signing of the agreements to implement the ‘Good Practices to Conserve Shorebirds in Algae Crops’. With interviews with key project stakeholders, including 2019 Fellow Natalia Martínez Curci of CONICET-Argentina and the Bird Ecology Lab at the Universidad Austral de Chile, as well as members of the Wente Kaulin and Huenque Caulin communities, administrators of the ECMPO Caulín. In addition to the signing of this agreement, the Guide of Representative Birds of Caulín Bay was delivered to the communities.  

  • Article: Launching of the Adelaide Project, Chile

     On Saturday, May 27, Chilean Heritage Day was commemorated with friends of the Adelaide Project at the Casa Palacio Cultural Center in Santiago, an educational instance that connects people with the care of biocultural heritage. Here 2019 Fellow Sharon Montecino gave a talk entitled “Birds and their conservation in the biocultural heritage of Chile”.

  • Article: Workshop: “Wetlands of the present, wetlands of the future”.

    Article by ‘La Estrella de Panamá’, which mentions that given the need to conserve and protect these natural resources, journalists and social communicators participated in the workshop: “Wetlands of the present, wetlands of the future”, organized by Panama Audubon Society with the support of The David & Lucile Packard Foundation, where 2021 Fellow Andreina Pernia also participated as a valuable instructor of the workshop on issues of planning and land management for the protection of wetlands.  

  • Artículo: El Maule es una región subvalorada en términos de los esfuerzos de protección existentes.

    Article written by 2022 Fellow Juan Andrés Silva published in Plataforma Costera about the progress made by his project working on the resilience of these ecosystems and the next steps towards the creation of a Nature Sanctuary in the Mataquito and Huenchullamí rivers in Chile.

  • Webinar: Birdwatching: A Strategy for Bird Conservation

    Webinar organized by 2023 Fellow Daniela Ruz, together with her host institution Fundación Conservación Marina, the Anthropocene Studies Laboratory, the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network – WHSRN, and the Municipalities of Curaco de Vélez, Quinchao and Maullín, focused on the ecological and economic opportunities of integrating birdwatching as a conservation strategy, also promoting the current and ancestral connection with birds; and where our director Osvel Hinojosa-Huerta participated.  

  • Announcement: Johann Delgado, 2019 Coastal Solutions Program Fellow is selected as a youth delegate to COP28UAE.

    In June 2023, the list of youth delegates selected to represent their countries and regions at the United Nations Climate Conference COP28, which will be held in Dubai in November, 2023, was announced. Very proud to have our 2019 Fellow Johann Delgado, as one of the youth delegates of the region, working on building coastal resilience in the Colombian Pacific.

  • Conference: ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting 2023, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. ‘Resilience and Recovery in Aquatic Ecosystems.”

    2019 Fellow Johann Delgado presented a poster at ASLO 2023, the Aquatic Sciences Conference held in Palma de Mallorca, Spain in June 2023. Johann had the opportunity to present his Coastal Solutions and PhD project at this international conference.  

  • Congress: The Coastal Solutions Program in Panama: Laboratory of innovations for coastal resilience in the Bay of Panama and Parita Bay. Sustainability Research + Innovation Congress SRI2023

    On June 28th, Fellows Ariadna Araúz Ponce and Andreina Pernia in Panama, gave a presentation about their Coastal Solutions projects at the SRI2023 Congress. This congress brought together over 2000 world leaders in sustainability research, government and civil society experts, funders and innovators to inspire action and promote sustainability transformation.

  • Video: Seminar: Common Goods Management from a Regional Perspective

    Video published by the Universidad Católica del Norte, in Chile, about the interdisciplinary seminar in which the challenges and the role of law in the management of the commons in the Coquimbo Region were discussed, with a focus on urban wetlands and marine protected areas, together with the 2023 Fellow María Valladares Antón. 

  • Article: Emphasis on the importance of coordinated work for the management of the commons in the coastal zone

    Article published by ‘Políticas Públicas del Norte’ about the seminar organized by the Public Policy Institute and the Law School of the Universidad Católica del Norte in the Coquimbo Region. “Management of the commons from a regional perspective” was the title of the transdisciplinary seminar that brought together various actors in the field of Law and Marine Sciences, as well as representatives of the public sector. This activity was organized by the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN), in collaboration with the Coastal Solutions Program of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and 2023 Fellow María Valladares Antón.

  • Symposium: II National Symposium ‘Mangroves for Life’, Guatemala

    On July 26, the II National Symposium ‘Mangroves for Life’ was held in Guatemala to celebrate International Mangrove Defense Day. 2022 Fellow María de los Ángeles Schoenbeck participated in this symposium along with the CECON – Centro de Estudios Conservacionistas team, to talk about invasive species in the mangrove. During the same conference, 2020 Fellow Varinia Sagastume also presented her ‘Guide to Birds of the Guatemalan Pacific Coast’, developed with the support of the U.S. Forest Service.

  • Article: Building partnerships with the real estate sector

    Article by our collaborator and friend, Diego Luna Quevedo, WHSRN Coastal Governance Specialist, on the importance of building relationships and partnerships with the private real estate sector for migratory shorebird conservation in two WHSRN reserves, along with 2019 Fellows Jonathan Vargas and Sharon Montecino, in Baja California, Mexico, and Bahía de Coquimbo, Chile, respectively.   

Coastal Solutions Fellowship Program

The Coastal Solutions Fellows Program builds and supports an international community to design and implement solutions that address coastal challenges across the Pacific Americas Flyway. Our main goal is to conserve coastal habitats and shorebird populations by building the knowledge, resources, and skills of Latin American professionals, and by fostering collaborations among multiple disciplines and sectors.