How to Apply

We are pleased to announce our call-for-applications where you will find the detailed information for the 2019 cohort application. Click on the link to download the call-for applications.

Pre-proposal Application


The first step to apply for a Coastal Solutions Fellowship is to submit a 2-page pre-proposal. The pre-proposals will be evaluated on their potential to deliver a high-quality project that is aligned with the Program’s objectives. Applicants should download and follow the pre-proposal guidelines and coverpage – a document that describes all the relevant information needed to prepare your pre-proposal.  The deadline to submit pre-proposals is March 15th, 2018.

Aplication process & important dates

Pre-proposal Candidate prepares and submits a two-page pre-proposal Deadline: March 15th 2018
Invitation to submit a full-proposal Selection Committee approves pre-proposal & candidate receives invitation to submit full-proposal Notification: Early may 2018
Full-proposal Candidate prepares and submits an 8-page full proposal and relevant documents Deadline: July 15th 2018
Final decision Selected fellows are notified and provided with a confirmation letter Notification: Early August 2018
Fellowship starts Fellowship begins with fellows/mentors training retreat Fellow begins: January 2019

Pre-proposal application submission


Pre-proposal application submission

Please submit your pre-proposal as a PDF file to using the following naming criteria: NameAndLastName_Pre-proposal (e.g., JohnSmith_Pre-proposal). You will receive an e-mail confirming your submission. Remember to include the cover page on the first part of your document.

Pre-proposal Guidelines (download PDF)

Pre-proposal Coverpage (download PDF)

Evaluation Criteria

After submission, pre-proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  Ability of the Fellow to carry out the proposed project
  Relevance of the project in relation to the purpose of the Program
  Relevance of the site, coastal threat and/or shorebird population that the project will address
  Impact of the project on coastal habitats and/or shorebird populations
  Potential for cross-sector collaboration
  Project feasibility (objective- and time-wise)

Next steps

The Program Staff will notify candidates on the status of their pre-proposals early May, 2018. Candidates whose pre-proposal was approved by the Selection Committee will receive an invitation to submit a full proposal and should read the HOW TO APPLY: Full Proposal section available on May, 2018.